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Award Winning Professor in Information Systems

Keith B. Carter has 30+ years of experience spanning:

Wall St. Tech, Fashion, and Academia. 

Member, Bretton Woods Committee, Washington DC

Board Member, DEC Institute, Zurich

CEO, KDA Capabilities & JustAskProf Singapore

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“I am passionate about Capability Building to

Enable Orderly Transformations with

Disruptive Technology”

Know. Decide. Act.

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Keynotes and Workshops

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Keith B. Carter delivers keynotes, board retreats, workshops throughout the world, especially in his home base in Singapore.

Key topics: Technology

  • AI, Automation, Analytics

  • Blockchain, Business Strategy

  • Cloud, Cybersecurity, 

  • Digital Assets, Data, Design Thinking

Key topics: Business

  • Supply Chain: End to End Visibility

  • Banking: 360 Degree View of the Customer

  • Insurance: Timely, Relevant Offers with Gen AI

  • Public Speaking

  • The Future of Work and Jobs

Get Inspired 

Keith B. Carter 2x Tedx Speaker, Author, Inventor, Sportsman

Develops executive education programs for corporations and governments

Advises governments on data-driven leadership


Keith bridges the gap between business, technology and policy 


His Areas of Expertise:

Competitive Intelligence for business | Gen AI| automation| IT strategy| cybersecurity| algo-trading fixed income, equities | web3 | solution sales| customer experience | supply chain & finance| 360 customer view | hyper-personalization | technology investments | innovation labs |  national infrastructure

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Nele Cornelis
Executive Director,
On behalf of EuroCham, we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude for your invaluable support and participation in the webinar on 'The Ethics of AI' on 28th of October 2021 and 'Digitalization Post-COVID' 2022.

Your talented skills as a moderator in combination with your expertise on the topic helped us to make this event an overwhelming success. The participants benefited greatly from the whole session, including the insightful sharing by our prominent speakers and panelists during the panel discussion.

It was a pleasure to have you on board and to discover more about trends and practices in the area of AI. 
Once more, thank you for supporting this and for your collaboration.
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